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Discipline. Balance. Glory.

Emphasis on technique

In order to achieve longevity & success, you need to build a strong foundation. Solid technique is that foundation.

Gradually rising intensity

Once a strong foundation has been built, the techniques are repeated with more frequency and velocity.


Improved Fitness & Endurance Levels

Simply focusing on technique however, is not useful. They must be trained at not only a higher frequency, but in live situations.

Improvement in Concentration

As techniques are repeated, intensity increases and endurance improves, concentration levels rise.


Kazaan Talib

I began training Muay Thai in 2012 at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand. Over the course of my career as a student and a teacher, I have trained under many high level Muay Thai practitioners, including WMC World Champions.
I have been teaching Muay Thai since 2014 and I have been teaching Kickboxing since 2016.

Muay Thai record : (wins-losses)
Professional : 1-1
Semi-Pro : 2-0
Amateur : 4-1



I’ve been training with Kazaan for close to 3 months now and the experience has been absolutely amazing.
When you train with Kazaan - it’s not just about showing up hitting the pads and getting your cardio in. Kazaan deeply cares about how his students master techniques and ensures that the basics are drilled in. He will also take into great consideration factors like age, fitness levels and end goals to make sure the sessions are completely tailored to your need.
At a time when every second trainer claims to also teach kickboxing and MMA, these are the qualities that set Kazaan apart and place him head and shoulders above the rest.


Training with Kazaan highlights how form and technique is something that is most vital in taking up any sport or form of martial arts. His determination to teach coupled with his strong passion for Muay Thai makes learning "The Art of Eight Limbs" a worthwhile experience. Moreover, being able to train while admiring the skyline of the city is a rare combination and definitely has its own charm. All in all, I am happy and content with my time spent training with Kazaan.


Kazaan's knowledge of Muay Thai / Kick Boxing is simply superb and I look forward to training. He always knows just how to encourage and when to push. Sensible, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with... I highly recommend him.


Kazaan is an excellent teacher with a deep knowledge of the intricacies of martial arts. Unlike the more ‘commercial’ instructors, he shows great interest in improving his students abilities and fitness. His hands on approach, coupled with his eye for detail and willingness to innovate sets him apart from any other teacher of the martial arts.


Training with Kazaan at Balance Muay Thai has been a lot of fun the last one year. For someone like me who never enjoyed any other exercise except swimming, this turned out to be great option. Got to learn a martial art which is an exercise itself. Every training session has been challenging as well as fun.
It has helped me to increase my stamina and flexibility. Definitely a must try!


Kazaan is a fabulous instructor who places a lot of focus on technique and strategy and not only the physical aspect of the training. He is extremely patient as well as motivating.
Muay Thai requires a discipline not only physically (to build strength and stamina) but also a constant mental alertness. This allows you to be completely absorbed in each workout and you never realise when and how an hour has passed!
Would highly recommend Balance Muay Thai - its the only class I've ever signed up for that has me out of bed at 5am with full enthusiasm.


The training with Kazaan Talib has been great. He is supportive and a great teacher. One can talk to him about their troubles while training very comfortably and I have learnt a lot. It has also helped me get fitter as well.